Information for authors - Peer-Review

The journal carries out reviewing of all materials coming to edition corresponding to its subject for the purpose of their expert assessment.

All scientific articles planned to the publication in the Vek Kachestva journal undergo the procedure of reviewing for the purpose of their expert assessment and are approved by an editorial board.

At receipt of the manuscript in edition her primary consideration and check on compliance to subject and formal requirements of the edition is made. In case of discrepancy to subject or formal requirements, article isn't taken cognizance, to the author the notice of it by e-mail is sent.

If article conforms to subject and formal requirements, then it goes for reviewing. The reviewer gets out of structure of an editorial board (internal reviewing). Article can be also sent to the independent expert (external reviewing).

All reviewers are recognized experts in subject of the reviewed materials and have within the last 3 years of the publication on subject of the reviewed article.
The doctor of science reviewing article can't be her coauthor and also the research supervisor of the author(s).

Reviews are stored in the editorial office of the journal within 5 years.

Process of reviewing of the manuscript in editorial board takes up to two weeks.

The procedure of reviewing is anonymous both for the reviewer, and for the author. Results of reviewing are represented by the reviewer in writing. The review contains the qualified analysis of material of article and its objective assessment and also recommendations concerning a possibility of her publication in the journal, concrete transfer of mistakes in methodology and tools (if they take place) and also offers on completion of the text.

Reviewing takes place in a situation of strict confidentiality. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent them are the intellectual property of authors and treat the data which aren't subject to disclosure. Disclosure of confidential details of reviewing of the manuscript violates the rights of the author. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in case of the statement for unauthenticity or falsification of materials, in all other cases her preservation is obligatory.

Responsibility for quality of reviews and timeliness of carrying out reviewing of manuscripts of articles is assigned to the editor-in-chief of the journal.
Reviews are certified of the order established in establishment where the reviewer works. All reviewers have to be informed of the present provision.
By results of reviewing article can be accepted for printing, sent to the author to completion, or is rejected.

The final decision on publication of article and the statement of contents of number is accepted by the editor-in-chief of the journal or the deputy chief editor.
Articles are published in a sequence order. The editorial board can make the decision on the extraordinary publication of article.
In case of the positive conclusion of the reviewer edition notifies authors on the made decision on e-mail.

In case of the negative decision the editorial office of the journal sends to authors of the presented materials of the copy of reviews or motivated refusal.
The editorial office of the journal provides continuous storage of the published scientific articles. Texts of articles are in free access on the journal website.
The editorial office of the Age of Quality journal undertakes to send to the copy of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at receipt in edition of the corresponding inquiry.