Information for authors - Conditions of publications

Order and conditions of the publication in the Age of Quality journal of materials of scientific research

The Age of Quality journal publishes scientific articles of graduate students, applicants, doctoral candidates, research associates, their scientific research in the field of standardization and product quality control; systems, networks and devices of telecommunications; economies and managements in the sphere of telecommunications and communication and also on problems of legal regulation and training.
Scientific articles of students and undergraduates can be published in the Age of Quality journal only on condition of co-authorship with the research supervisor the candidate or the doctor of science.
The system of distribution of the journal – the online journal of open access (open access). Open access allows to bring the main results of modern scientific research to the most wide range of interested persons.
The journal is issued in Russian with frequency once in a quarter.
All journal numbers are placed in scientific electronic library RISC (Russian Index of Scientific Citing)

Publication order

1) In the Age of Quality journal only scientific articles issued according to Requirements to execution of articles are accepted.
2) The author needs to fill all fields of the Application of the Author for the Publication form and to send to the e-mail address of edition:, the letter with the attached article and the completed application of the author. 
3) The author who addressed in the Age of Quality journal for the first time has to send to the address of the editorial office the letter on consent to data transmission on himself and the articles to the Scientific Electronic Library (SEL) for inclusion in the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC) which is certified by the Scientific secretary and is sealed the organization in which the author works. Providing such letter is the requirement of VAK.
4) Authors, having an academic degree of the candidate of science, provide the recommendation to the publication of other scientist having an academic degree of the candidate or doctor of science. Students, graduate students, applicants of master and academic degrees provide reviews of the research supervisors having an academic degree and/or an academic status with the obligatory positive recommendation to the publication.
5) All sent articles are transferred to the review to the doctor of science at the choice of edition, usually to the associate editor ("internal" reviewing), you can find necessary information on reviewing on the page of the Rule of reviewing.

Publication conditions

The editorial office of the Age of Quality journal accepts only author's original scientific articles which are not under consideration in the editorial office of other journal to the publication and were not published earlier.
Articles are published in author's edition. Only technical and proof-reading editing of the text is allowed.
Sending article, the author accepts all publications stated above a condition.
The publication in the Age of Quality journal is free.